The Big Negative Was Child Labor Essay

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First, the big negative was child labor. In document four is an example of child labor because it never specifies that children were not in the factory helping. (While the children are working they are missing out on education and being healthy)(Document Four). In addition to document four, document seven is based on a Q&A with a committee member and a young woman who grow up in child labor. “What time did you begin work at the factory” questioned the committee member “When I was six years old.” said the young woman (Document seven). This young woman started working at six years old, the children are not fully developed yet, and could get easily injured. Let’s hear more of what was asked. “What were your hours of labour in that mill?” the member asked “From 5 in the morning till nine at night, when they were thronged.” the young woman said (Document seven). This was ridiculous to have a child of that age in a factor. The thing cared about was not of the age of the workers, but the help they brought to the economic growth. The economic growth was increased from the help of putting children into labor. Even with the economy growing the factory owners did not supply the things the workers need. (In document eight, it is noted that the children are without shoes and are standing on crates. These children are not at school and are most likely working long hours. They should be at least supplied with shoes and a proper stool to help them in the work they are doing) (Document…

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