Aubrey Albatross: A Character Analysis

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As the ship sails to the Galapagos Islands, where Aubrey is sure the Acheron will want to prey on Britain's weakened ship, a visionary view of some sorts . The ship's doctor, Maturin, is interested in the isle for the strange creatures claimed to reside on the isles. Aubrey promises his friend that he will have several days to explore the islands and all its wonders . By keeping his word he promised to the doctor, Aubrey is exhibiting one or a number of the big five personality dimensions (Daft page 102), which are extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness to experience (Daft, p265)

When Surprise reaches the Galapagos they recover the survivors of the whaling ship Albatross, destroyed by the Acheron.
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On crossing the island looking for a species of flightless ocean birds, the doctor discovers the Acheron. Abandoning his specimens to make it back quickly, this was actually more of a sacrifice of team over personal ambitions, Maturin knew that if he had made his way back with all these rare bird species he could have been in line for so many individual accolades back in England but he chose the team before himself. Maturin warns Aubrey, and the Surprise plus all its crewmembers gets ready for the possible encounter with the archenemy. Due to the Acheron's numerous advantages in comparison to the British ship (i.e bigger size, faster in motion, more guns and large navy size, the Surprise must get in close to deal damage. After observing the deceptive qualities of one of Maturin's specimens (a stick insect ) Aubrey gets a idea, to draw a bait for the French ship and once the hunter falls for the bait then Surprise will attack once in close proximity. The plan was to disguise Surprise as a whaling ship, the French, in their greed, would close to capture the ship rather than destroy it outright , this highlight’s the conceptual maturity that Aubrey has it his disposal, choosing to stick to the Surprise’s overall objective till the end, one of these traits of a good leader which is drive is highlighted in this part of the movie, ( Daft, p.40). The French …show more content…
While the Surprise will remain in the Galapagos, Pullings is promoted to Captain deservedly and charged with sailing the captured ship to Valparaiso, this delegation of power and reward to achievement by promotion is a way Aubrey (leader) repays Pullings (subordinate) for his hard work and dedication, trust and further motivation to complete the task up to the end (Daft, p78). As the Acheron sails away, Maturin mentions that a French crewman had told him that their doctor had died months ago. Realizing the Acheron's captain tricked him by dressing as the doctor, Aubrey gives the order to beat to quarters and escort the Acheron to Valparaiso. Maturin is again denied the chance to explore the Galapagos. The captain readily tells his ship that they need to follow the Acheron as he was tricked into learning the French team doctor was alive yet it was really the captain of the French ship disguised as the dead doctor (a taste of Aubrey’s own medicine). Quickly the British captain sets a sail to meet his adversary again till the British governments mission is reached .

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