The Bible : Oppression And Violence Against Females Essay

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Several passages in the Bible illustrate stories of oppression and violence against females. Eve is blamed for the fall of humanity, and in return all women are deceitful. Tamar, Dinah, and the Levite’s concubine were all forcefully raped. The disciples discredit Mary Magdalene because she is a woman, yet Jesus loves her more than them. Women are told to remain silent in church and are not ordained in many denominations, which is supported with Biblical evidence. This oppression and violence against females is seen today in the United States. Although females are a minority group not all females are oppressed in the same ways because every female has unique experiences and therefore, liberation from oppression looks different for every female.
Black females are one minority group in the United States who experience oppression. “Womanist” is a term that describes how black females experience oppression from both sexism and racism. Jacquelyn Grant clarified that, “womanist just means being and acting out who you are” (Clark and Richardson 324). Black women are the victims of racism, sexism, and often elitism. Latinas are another minority group who suffer oppression in the United States. The term, “Mujerista” details Latinas whose experiences, “will call us together, that will help us to understand our oppression, that will identify the specify of our struggle without separating us from our own communities” (Clark and Richardson 330-331). Mujeristas, just like…

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