Essay about The Bible And Creation Of Creation

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It is common for people to want to know where they came from or how they came to be. The Bible has two different stories explaining what happened during creation. Though, different people view these stories differently. To some the seven days of creation in Genesis 1 are actually seven days, to others those days are viewed as hundred of thousand of years. Either could be correct because there is no actual primary source of knowledge about creation
In Genesis 1 there are seven distinct days of creation and it is told in ways that it seems like God has a plan for what he is doing, that every move made is deliberate. This version of creation makes Christians feel like God has a plan for us and that he knows what he is doing. The fact that this story makes Christians feel more secure about God makes this story the more predominant one in the Christian faith. The story of creation in Genesis 1 guides many Christian beliefs for example in the first line of Genesis it says that, “God created the heaves and the earth,” leading Christians to believe that there was nothing there before God (Genesis 1:1). Then God works for two more days creating land, sea, day, and night. On the fourth, fifth, and sixth days God creates the water animals, birds, and land animals. On the sixth day God also creates man in his image and told them, “Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it,” (Genesis 1:28). Since it says in the Bible that man was created in God’s image Christians take this…

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