Essay about The Between Male And Female Population

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INTRODUCTION: Do you see the difference between the male and female population? There is a little difference today, such as the amount of income between the two and how some jobs/activities are men orientated. As of today we tend to view men and women equally then people did in the past. In chapter eighteen of Worlds Together, Worlds Apart, I chose to write about three of the four documents which are all written by female activists. The first source is from a woman in New York State, Sojourner Truth, who was born into slavery. In 1827, she gained her freedom and became a well-known abolitionist speaker and advocate of women 's rights. The next source is by Qiu Jin, who goes in depth on how Chinese woman were no different than slaves due to the way they were treated. As for the last source, spoken by an upper-class educated Egyptian woman, Bahithat al-Badiya, described the public was unnatural, absurd, and counterproductive."
SUMMATION OF DOCUMENTS: Sojourner Truth 's "Ain 't I A Woman?" is a speech she had announced at a women 's rights convention in Akron, Ohio in 1851 where she spoke about the inequalities that women and blacks faced during that time in America. She first argued how a man earlier claimed that women were too fragile and need constant help such as, “ into carriages and lifted over ditches"☑ and Truth confronts him by explaining how no man has ever helped her in her life and asks the audience "And ain 't I a woman?"☑ Then she started to share…

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