The Between Greek And Greek Mythology Essay

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Since the beginning of time, women have not had as much power as a man. A great illustration of this is how women are portrayed in Greek and Irish mythology. Looking at the history of Greek mythology, what roles women play, and the differences between Greek and Irish mythology, it is easy to see the difference in how women are treated compared to men.
One famous history topic in ancient Greece period is the Trojan War. The poems Iliad and Odyssey go in depth about the aftermath of the Trojan War, the battle that sailed 10,000 ships just for a girl. The Trojans were known for their powerful armies and vigorous warriors. So, Troy men wanted to have a boy so they can become great warriors and carry on their legacy rather than having a baby girl. Women are used or known for being the childbearing within Greek mythology. After the fall of Troy, the women are taken into slavery or prizes by the Greeks.
Katz reports in the article “Ideology And `The Status Of Women ' In Ancient Greece” that women were uneducated, secluded, regarded with contempt, and unequal (74). Ancient Greece had arranged marriages where the father would choose a proper suitor or use marriage as a partnership to settle alliances or feuds with another family. Once daughters are married, they become controlled by their husbands. The women were usually in charge of watching over the children and doing the household chores. And if the husband were rich enough, he could have several wives. Even reading through some…

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