The Between Class, Race And Age Essay

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Within the community, that the Finch family lives in there are some stark divisions between class, race gender and age. There are also some allusions that helped me understand the setting or were unfamiliar to me. First of all, in the town there is a distinct separation between people because of class. The first encounter with the division of class occurs on the first day of Scout’s grade 1 class where both, Walter Cunningham and Burris Ewell are asked upon by the teacher. Incidents involve Walter being asked to bring a lunch and Burris with a critter in his head. We discover that people like Walter come from poor families so they cannot pay with money and repay with useful supplies, instead. Furthermore, we learn that an Ewell’s family is poorer than that of a Cunningham’s. They go to school, once and are given the permission to break certain rules such as “Mr. Bob Ewell, Burris’s father, was permitted to hunt and trap out of season.” This rule is broken because Burris’s father is unable to provide his family with food so to stop his family from starving, permission is given. In addition there are people like the Finches who are above them, and the Negroes that are under both the Cunninghams and Ewells. Overall, we find out that the order of class in the community goes from ‘normal’ city folk, the Cunninghams, ‘the Ewells, and the Negroes. In “To Kill A Mockingbird” the distinction between race in the society are between the white and black people. In the story the white…

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