The Best Things Of Life Is Free By The Songwriting Team Of Buddy Desylva And Lew Brown And Ray

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When we check our account balances, we are able to realize if we are rich or poor. I can honestly tell you that all I have in my account is one thousand five hundred and twenty dollars, but minus the rent due the end of the month, what I have equals only twenty dollars. Somebody else has ten thousand dollars or a million dollars. Money comes and goes, but no matter how much money we have, what’s really important is appreciation and gratitude for nature, family, friends, talents, and love. All of this things are the best things in life that are free. Money can buy many things like clothes, shoes, a house, a plane, cars but it cannot buy happiness that come from things like feeling and values.
First, we all know that nature is one of the best things in life that is free. There is a famous song from the 1920’s “The Best Things in Life Are Free” Written by the songwriting team of Buddy DeSylva and Lew Brown and Ray Henderson for the 1927 musical “Good News.”which emphasises its title by telling us that everything in nature are for free and for everybody to enjoy. When we are outside in a forest, in a mountain or in a garden we can appreciate all the plants and animal that are within. Nature produces feelings of peace and calmness in the more sensitive way through our vision and also through our sense of smell . The sunset 's make us feel at peace, the dawn for me it feels like it promises a better day. The presence of nature is always everywhere and should fill us with…

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