The Best, The Worst Essay

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The “best”, the “worst”, and the “ prophetic planetary” scenarios written in the SRS textbook give possible outcomes of our world’s future. These scenarios dictate the “what if’s” of life and what impact they would have on humanity. From nations repairing relationships and uniting for the common good. To total nuclear war and the destruction of humanity. But when comparing the possible outcomes one must also include a third outcome. One that take both sides of the argument and throws out the improbable and includes the logical. The prophetic scenario does this, it doesn’t claim to know what the future will hold, but extends the hope in humanity as the best case scenario, and also accepts that human nature is flawed. Therefore to play the game of politics one must first understand what problems exist.
War seems to be a concern for every nation-state, with conflicts in the middle east escalating, the world can’t help but watch. In current time it is easy for one assume that the current state of the world will remain the same for years to come as political actors cast for their current roles have remained set in their ways and are reluctant to change due to fear of backlash and international criticism. The consequences of conventional wars throughout history have taken the lives of millions, not only military but also civilian. War does not only rob family members, it also depletes resources from the nations in which they protect. According to Brown University, World War 2…

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