Essay about The Best Practice Of Human Resource

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The best practice
To begin with, the best practice assumed that there is a best bundle of human resource (HR) policies and practices that will help organisations in achieving goals which universally fit for any organisations across industries and countries (Armstrong, 2011: 33). The definition brings out the limitations on the best practice. Firstly, there are numerous sets of best HR bundle of practices, for example Pfeffer (1998) suggested a bundle of practices to generate profit by putting people first which includes provide employment security, use multiple criteria in recruitment and selection, apply decentralization and teamwork, offer earnings according to organisational performance, extensive training, remove barriers and provide transparency in financial information and organisation performance. There is inconsistency among the HR bundles and discrepancy opinions on what are more or less important factors to be added to or removed from the bundle (Marchington and Grugulis, 2000), thus it is unclear which of HR practices that have to be applied. HR bundles is rather be powerless towards operational problems when drawn from four favorite Industrial Psychology which are selection, training, appraisal and pay (Boxall and Purcell, 2003: 63).

Moreover, the distinction of management practices in different industries and countries is overlooked. Organisations should react according to changes and influences from the internal and external environment factors which varies…

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