The Best Place On Earth Essay

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Within all the short stories compiled to make up Ayelet Tsabari’s collected work, The Best Place on Earth, violence is consistently present. Naturally, the conflict which has, and currently still creates strife in Israel leads to the inclusion of violence in her stories. Whether the characters presently live in Israel, or have moved on from the region, the chaos from the country is incorporated into their lives. Tsabari was born in Israel, and is all too familiar with the horrors the wars have created. However, she has remained authentic with the presentation of her homeland in The Best Place on Earth, and by including violent aspects they help to carry her message through to her readers. She does not go overboard to create gory stories that will deter readers. Rather, she shows how violence, although a tragedy, is necessary to include because of the importance it has in shaping her Israeli characters into who they are in both positive and negative ways, and how a person can become desensitized by violence. Ayelet Tsabari’s upbringing in Israel afforded her the unique first hand perspective of what it is like to live in a conflict zone. As a young girl, Tsabari was raised in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, in the midst of the Yom Kippur War (“Yom Kippur…”). Although the war was ultimately a success for Israel, it did not come without their fair share of casualties and the usual terrors of war (“Yom Kippur…”). Tsabari herself having lived through this engagement, would not only…

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