Persepolis Analysis

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Make Persepolis Great Again
The book Persepolis is a graphic novel written by Marjane Satarapi which recounts her childhood and early years living in Iran with her family during an Islamic revolution. While reading this novel, one cannot help but feel a surge of emotions. These emotions range from but are not limited to shock, happiness anger and fear to name a few. Not only are these emotions not directly limited to just the main character but they are extended to her family, friends and the regime they are living under as well. This book is especially heart wrenching because this novel isn’t fiction, its autobiographical. Even if the story was embellished a bit to sell more copies there is still some truth to every line which is deplorable
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Don’t get me wrong I think her parents did try to shelter her as much as possible to a certain extent and with good reason. She deserved to not only enjoy but hold on to her childhood and innocence as long as possible. However, you can’t have neighbors and friends evacuating, protests breaking out, and airstrikes without explaining anything to your child, it’s just inconceivable. Even trying to hide where her uncle was seemingly a nice sentiment but Marji was smarter than that. (Satrapi 68) So trying to spare her heartache did nothing because she later found out the horrible truth. Her parents couldn’t even protect what she was learning in the classrom. Eventually what she was learning in school started to contradict her family’s values and her parents were forced to shed light on the jaded religion and government views that had been enstilled in her. (Satrapi 49) War rears its ugly head several ways in this novel. War breaks up families and changes a charismatic Aunt or Uncle making them a shell of a person I think eventually her parents realized their daughter was getting information from school and her friends and it was time for her to grow up and realize how things worked in the real world. It’s frightening to see how she whole heartedly believed certain ideologies because her school’s knowledge was allegedly absolute. I respect the fact they ensured she was educated and understood the world around her more …show more content…
Furthermore, some people may even want to rescue her but that’s as far as the empathy goes. A very similar situation is currently happening in Syria and outside of the trivial one like equals one prayer I haven’t heard anything else about it. Of course, there are a lot of underlying factors pertaining to why the United States isn’t involved I’m sure but it’s troubling how this is still an issue today. Families torn apart and children killed isalways heart wrenching. I am not saying the U.S. is perfect or without error however, for most people they cannot fathom this amount of death and devastation on a daily basis. What makes ones life more valuable than the

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