The Best Of Me By Nicholas Sparks Essay

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Sparks, Nicholas. The Best of Me. Oriental 1984 pgs.292

As Nicholas Sparks wrote the book "The Best of Me" he wrote in the time period of 1984. Where rock and roll was at its highest peak, and where they had identified the Aids Virus. As the reader reads they will notice he made the setting in an old type of town where children could roam around town and it could be safe, but the drug rate there was high. The book was in the setting of North Carolina in a small town named Oriental. The reader can tell by reading that is type of book is a romance. It tells so much detail between two main characters about their past and how they are in over twenty years.

There are two main characters in this book which are Dawson Cole and Amanda Collier. Amanda is a Southern girl in a small town in Oriento, North Carolina. She came from a family of big fortune, who had high expectations and who were very opinionated. Her family had planned out her future to go to a good college and to marry a man whose life is similar to hers. Amanda was a popular girl in high school, where she was a social butterfly and had lots of friends. After high school, she had went off to college, and met her husband then after she became a mother. She was not as social as she once was.

Dawson Cole was a young man who grew up very differently from Amanda. He did not come from a family full of money nor did his family really care for him. Dawson also came from

Oriento and had gone to the same school as…

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