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You want to buy the best gift possible for the women in your life, but what do you buy? I know how hard it can be to buy a gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, cousin, friend, or any other woman. A lot of times you just don 't know what they want. And it 's really easy to get them a gift that offends them (think vacuum cleaner or waxing kit) rather than pleases them. That stops today. I have the best gift idea for ANY woman on your list. I 've bought it for my friends, my family, and myself, and it has never disappointed. I 'll tell you why it 's such a good gift idea for her in a second, but first I 'll tell you what it is.

The best gift for your wife, girlfriend, mom, friend, or other woman in your life

The Best Gift For Any Woman

It 's called Fabfitfun. It 's a seasonal subscription box. Basically, you pay $49.99 for a box and get over $200 worth of stuff inside. Actually, the fall box in 2016 had $230 worth of products inside!

You can also get an annual subscription which will give her 4 boxes in the year for a discounted price over just getting the individual box quarterly. It works out to $179.99 for 4 boxes (which at over $200 a pop value would equal about $800 worth of products for the year!).

If you are buying for someone like your friend, an annual subscription could be her Christmas and birthday gift, as well as a gift for two more occasions that you can randomly make up if there aren 't any. Just remind her on her special occasions that her…

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