The Best Decision For Us Right Now Essay example

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Although I was only seven years old, I knew something was off on that sunny, early, fall day. I sat on the couch with my mom, brother, and dad as we all watched television, silently. Nothing in my short life could have ever prepared me for what was about to come out of my parents’ mouths. “William, Rachel, your dad and are going to separate,” my mother said shakily. My brother and I just sat silently for a few moments before anything could even be thought. Next came the tears and the questions, a lot of them. After a long and fairly awkward pause, my dad spoke up. “I love y’all and I love your mom, but this is the best decision for us right now.” After another long awkward pause I finally found my voice, “Do you guys not love each other anymore?”
“Of course we still love each other Rachel, but sometimes people grow apart from each other in marriages,” my mother responded.
“Then why would you need a divorce if you still love each other?” I asked.
“There are many things that you will not understand right now Rachel, and that is okay. I hope one day you can see where your dad and I are coming from, and see that we were making the right decision for our family,” my mother said. My parents wanted to make it clear to us that although they would be separating, they would have to remain friends and they would have to be civil towards each other for the sake of my brother and me, a promise that they have kept to this day. Although my parents tried their best to explain what…

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