The Best Course Of Action For Confronting The Energy Crisis Essay

1018 Words Feb 8th, 2016 null Page
Wind Energy For years’ people have debated the best course of action for confronting the energy crisis. Fossil fuels continue to be the main source of energy not only in the United States but also in most of the world. Although fossil fuels get the job done, the are non-renewable resource that will eventually run out. Not only are they non renewable they also pollute the earth and destroy nature. Burning fossil fuels emits toxins into the air that can harm animals and humans when they breath the air; even with laws and technology to lessen pollution there is still no way to stop pollution from burning these fuels. The main fossil fuel is oil; searching and drilling for oil disrupts natural habits causing damage to nature and the animals that live in that area. It is time to face facts and realize America can no longer depend on fossil fuels. An alternative to fossil fuel that will protect nature while bettering the country is wind energy. One main benefit of wind energy is that it is cost efficient. Wind energy does not need to be transported or processed so it cuts down on long term expenses. Wind also does not need to be mined for so that also cuts down on costs. The cost of wind energy is also fixed. Oil prices increase or decrease based on the need and how much it takes to mine and transport the oil. Wind energy generates electricity at the source making the cost fixed so prices would be more stable. Wind energy is also the lowest priced form of renewable energy…

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