Solar Energy: Wind Energy

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Wind is one of the many energies we have in our world today. Wind energy is one type of solar energy. How we get wind could possibly be a very unknown thing. Wind comes from how irregular earth 's surface is, the uneven heating of our surface and the rotation of earth.
Centuries ago people started using windmills for pumping water, ground grain and of course for power. As early as 5,000 B.C. the wind has help push boats down the Nile River and in 500 to 900 B.C. the wind helped the Persians pump water and grind grain. Around 1,000 A.D. wind power energy spread north to the European countries such as the Netherlands which adapted to the use of windmills to help drain lakes and marshes in the Rhine River Delta. Coming into the early 1850’s Daniel
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Studies show that wind turbines are chopping the winds and shorelines and causing a change in temperature. The incoming wind that comes towards the wind turbines is chopped up then it naturally mixes up the different layers of the atmosphere. According to the readings the wind turbines make it cooler during the day and warmer at night. But to some regions the temperature change may not affect anything due to the cool and warm air canceling each other out. Some researches have found that in Texas at a wind farm the ground temperatures were changed by 0.5 degrees celsius at night …show more content…
A big reason for people wanting to use wind energy is the fact that wind is free. Wind is always around some days the wind may be hidden or not around but for the most part on a daily basis in most regions there is some type of wind. As for farmers they benefit very well with windmills and wind energy because it is 100 percent a renewable resource , it has no effect on livestock or wildlife and the windmill generates enough power to give electricity to over 25,000 homes. Farmers also have the benefit of looking up at the windmill and knowing that they are constantly making money off of this

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