Wind Turbines Analysis

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Article 71:
Wind Turbines have always been a threat to birds who get killed by the blades of these turbines and the writer tries to explain how appalling this situation is for the environment in this article. The writer highlights how the U.S. Fish and Wildlife is seeking a public comment on a permit proposed for Shiloh IV wind project that will allow a wind project to kill up to five golden eagles over a five-year period, despite their protected status. Another double standard the writer puts forth is that wind projects routinely violate the Bald & Golden Eagle Protection Act, but no wind farm has faced a single prosecution, whereas companies in the oil & gas sector are routinely indicted for violating these same statutes. A study by Mr. Joel Pagel for the Fish and Wildlife states that if more wind turbines are built, more eagles will be killed. Another point the writer states is about two scandals, the first being no significant reductions in CO2 emissions at the expense of lives of eagles and the second being extension to a production tax credit to fuel growing turbine construction at a cost to the taxpayer.
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The Justice department prosecuted a subsidiary of Duke Energy for killing golden eagles and other protected birds, ending the legal double standards on enforcement. The federal subsidies had fueled the wind turbine growth as well as wind-related jobs are costing millions of dollars to the common taxpayer. Apart from this, suburban and rural residents in areas where these wind turbines have come up, do not want them in their neighborhood for the constant noise they make and all night blinking red lights. The writer concludes by saying that even solar projects have been responsible for killing birds and everyone is threated until the law is applied equally to all and they are prosecuted for harming the

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