Essay on The Berlin Siege Of West Berlin

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Due to all those conflicts and communist ruling people started to flee East Berlin and move to
West Berlin where the life was better. West Berlin received many people during this time and more refugees kept coming. Unfortunately, all attempts in negotiations by Kennedy and
Khrushchev failed and in 1961, Khrushchev decided to take matters into his own hands had the
East Berlin seal the borders. In just one night East Germans Soldiers laid down over 30 miles of barbed wire forbidding East Berlin citizens to cross into West Berlin thus, dividing East Berlin and West Berlin. Shortly after the wall stood tall, The United States soldiers and Soviet soldiers stood ready at their sides of checkpoints ready to strike upon command. The smart thinking of president Kennedy prevented another war, possibly nuclear war at this point, by defusing the bomb sort of speak , hence ending the stand of peacefully. (the Berlin crisis n.d.) The Berlin Wall symbolized a world divided into rival camps. According to professor
Harrison, "The wall symbolized the lack of freedom under communism. It symbolized the Cold
War and divide between the communist Soviet bloc and the western democratic, capitalist bloc."
(Harrison 2009). According to professor Stein, " Berlin was on the frontline in the Cold War struggle between the superpowers. Conservative West Germans called the Berlin Wall a "wall of shame" and said that it illustrated the bankruptcy of communism. The East German government…

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