The Benefits Of Home Schooling Essay

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The Benefits to Home-schooling
According to the U.S. Department of Education, in 2013 approximately 1,770,000 children were being home-schooled in the United States or about 3.4 percent (“U.S. Department of Education: Homeschooling Continues to Grow!,” n.d.). Home-schooling in America has become very popular among parents concerned for the welfare of their children. Today it is not just evangelical Christians that choose to home school, but people from all religions and walks of life. There are numerous benefits to home-schooling; many kids are able to receive individualized attention, volunteer in their communities during school hours, and participate in sports like other children within their community.
To begin with, many Parents choose to home school their children because they are concerned about the level of education that their children would be receiving outside the home. The individualized attention that home schooling brings can enhance some children’s learning. For example, children with learning disabilities may not get the support outside the home, but by learning at home, they are able to receive one on one attention that is needed for them to be successful. Additionally, there is no pressure from a school district or teachers for the child to move on to the next grade if they are not ready. Another aspect of home schooling that can benefit children is the freedom to choose subjects that interest them. For instance, if a child has an interest in math and…

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