Genetic Engineering Persuasive Essay

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The human body is considered to be the home to over a trillion cells, in which include cells within bones, cartilage, nerves, and muscles. Within each cell contains structures that help carry genetic information, chromosomes. Every human is made up of 46 chromosomes, and these chromosomes carry your DNA. DNA is responsible for how one will look, act, and develop, but with this many cells duplicating, there is a higher chance of a mutation occurring, such as cancers and diseases, which no human being has ever wished to be diagnosed with. These mutations can be dangerous and also very fatal, so there should be a solution for a pain free, healthier life. So, think of a future in which an individual could understand the sicknesses or disabilities they could suffer from in their lifetime and what could be done to prevent it. Although there has been many alternatives created to prevent such cancers and diseases, genetic engineering, also known as gene therapy, would be the best method for the medical field to use for lives affected by cell mutations. Genetic engineering is the manipulation of the DNA of an organism to alter characteristics and traits. This modification …show more content…
Knowing there is a way to help prevent harmful diagnoses is very important for future generations, especially with having family members diagnosed with terminal illnesses influence the concern of the advancement of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering holds many benefits towards human beings today that have never been considered to be viable in the medical field. It can eliminate devastating diseases that affect individuals living today, prevent illness spreading into future generations, and it can create healthier longer lives. These benefits should be recognized by opponents of genetic engineering, along with the considerable changes that could withstand on the human

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