The Benefits Of Generosity

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People tend to overlook generosity, sometimes it might even be perceived as weakness. Being generous can be frowned upon, trying to help someone in need is not taken lightly. Those same people that frown at helping others can also think it is beneath them to help others. Some may frown on it others will be grateful for the help. People who are generous are trying to be nice, do nice things for others. Sometimes these people are also kind they can give things or buy things if others needed them. When there is someone that is generous they don’t care if it is the little that makes others happy, or gets someone to smile, gives them something. Having generosity involves giving, being nice, and being unselfish. Generosity is giving to others in need. Seeing someone in need and helping them in any way possible. Giving something to someone could be something as simple as a hug …show more content…
This person that is unselfish will give to others even when he or she does not have anything. This individual will bring extra food for someone. This person could also bring old clothes they no longer need or use for the person that does need them. Something else an unselfish person might do is give something to someone younger or older. If this person sees someone moving something they will stop what they are doing to help them. Whoever this person is it is also likely that they will give their last five dollars to someone in need. People that are generous are big-hearted people, they do things most people would not consider doing. In the article “Generosity” James Childs mentions “Not only are the needy who receive honored with equal dignity, they are consulted in defining their need as true partners, and they may, in fact, be lifted up to the further dignity of being enabled to contribute to the good of others” (3). When people help others most of the time it is a give and take, someone helps one person and that person helps

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