The Benefits Of Free Trade Essay

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The Benefits of Free Trade vs. The Risks of Free Trade Since post-World War II, the policy of global free trade has had a forefront in both American and global politics. In chapter thirteen of Debates in International Relations, advocates who are in favor of free trade and advocates who are against free trade, each support their reasoning for their stance on the issue. The two authors in favor of global free trade are Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr. and Sara F. Cooper, who are researchers at the American Institute for Economic Research. According to Driscoll and Cooper, the United States and the European Union should pursue establishing free trade globally, whether it be unilaterally, bilaterally, or multilaterally. The authors show support for the World Trade Organization (WTO),but explain that it mainly offers bilateral agreements, not multilateral. However, free trade supporters want to create the Global Free Trade Association (GFTA), the goal being to add more countries who do not currently qualify for the WTO. The opposed advocate, Michael Parenti, argues that the trend of free trade is leading to a gap between the Global South and Global North. He is concerned that free trade is taking away democratic sovereignty and is allowing corporations to get way with lax standards of operations. These being weak environmental and labor standards, which have led to millions of falling below the poverty line. Initially, both sides provide valid arguments, and examples as to why they…

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