Essay about The Benefits Of Field Trips

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The opportunity to travel any time of the year is one of the best benefits of homeschooling, in addition to participate in field trip with other homeschoolers, or just bring our books to the beach or the park and study as we observe nature. Field trips are an effective educational tool, which could be exceedingly rewarding compared to a formal educational setting.
The zoo, St. Augustine, Disney parks, Universal Studios, Cape Canaveral, state parks, beaches, museums, theaters, laser tag, mining, chess club, and paintball are some of the field trips and trips we went to during the school year.
What a privilege to have my sons at home full time and aid them to grow into the young man that they are today.

Field Trips and Learning Opportunities
Solid Waste Management: Our favorite field trip was to Solid Waste Management in Palm Beach, Florida. It may sound strange, however the learning opportunity was remarkable. The SWA is a garbage and recycling facility and in addition a producer of renewable energy. While the SWA’s Waste-to-Energy Facility reduces the volume of waste disposed in the landfill, it also utilizes household garbage as fuel to produce clean electricity. Waste-to-energy plants improve air quality since the consumption of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil goes down. Another alternative to fossil fuels, methane gas generated from the landfill is…

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