The Benefits And Risks Of Antibiotics In The Animal Farm Industry

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Despite the consequences that antibiotics use in agriculture left behind both in human and environment, we simply can’t ignore the instrumental role of antibiotic in the agriculture industry and the United States’ economy as a whole. As pointed out earlier, in the past, Americans people had to pay a lot for meat products, as the meat-producing industry couldn’t keep up with the demands. With the introduction of antibiotics in animal feeds, it allowed farm owners to produce high-quality animals and still keep up with the demands. Just like human, animals also face a lot of bacterial and parasitic diseases throughout the year. In a research conducted in 2012, scientists believe that approximately 80 types of bacteria, posed a serious threat to …show more content…
Over the last few decades, world population continues to increase at a rapid rate, with more than seven billion people around the globe. This has caused the demand for animal food sources to soar, especially in developing countries. China alone, spends more than $5 billion every year purchasing meat products from the United States (Perkowski, 2014). To say the least, the demands for animal food sources have never been bigger. In order to keep up with such demands, farm owners and meat producing industry had nowhere to turn to but antibiotics. These antibiotics, discovered by Alexander Flemming, definitely plays a role in keeping the agriculture industry afloat by providing benefits, such as improved animal health, higher production rate and better food security. Without antimicrobials in animal feeds, it could crippled the meat producing industry in addition to affecting the public health. Despite its benefits, it doesn’t mean that the meat-producing industry could use these antibiotic agents in whatever way they want to enhance their animals’ growth, since there are evidences suggesting that overuse of antibiotic in animals could have serious impacts on human health and environment. However, we would need more evidences and studies to establish a causal link between the two. Overall, the use of antibiotic in food-animals can be a double-edged sword, with both benefits and risks, however, evidences from various studies and researches seem to agree that the benefits of antibiotics in animals feed certainly outweigh the risks. Needless to say, researchers around the world are trying to come up with a better and safer alternatives to replace antibiotics in animal’s feeds without affecting animals’ performance, until then, antibiotics in animal-producing industry isn’t going anywhere anytime

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