Persuasive Essay On Overfishing

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actually come from. They might assume that all meat and dairy originates from a family farm because that is what they Many people are not aware of where their meat and dairy were taught growing up. That is where the majority of our meat and dairy used to come from, but in order to meet the demand of our large population things needed to change. Large companies began creating factory farms in place of regular farms. Animal activist, John Peck, stated that Wisconsin’s new slogan should be “The land of 10,000 Animal Waste Lagoons” after factory farming took over. The waste that he is referring to was created by the manure of the animals inside the factory. The lagoons are known to leak into surrounding lands, homes, and bodies of water. They …show more content…
Do you really want to eat an animal that has been standing in their own feces for a large portion of their lives? What about fish? Do you want to consume fish that have been living in polluted waters? Let’s not forget about the large amount of overfishing that is caused by human consumption. The FDA has released consumer reports stating that eighty percent of antibiotic sales are sold to the animal agriculture industry because animals are becoming ill from living in sick conditions. This means that people are consuming large amounts of antibiotics. Is that healthy? What is that doing to our bodies? What it is doing is creating viruses that are resistant to our antibiotics on a massive scale. In the near future there may be viruses that cannot be treated by antibiotics thanks to the animal agriculture industry. The FDA also reported high to low levels of mercury in our seafood. Their suggestion is to only consume “eight to twelve ounces per week of lower level mercury fish.” They also do not advise pregnant women and children to consume any amount of fish. Yet, many people ignore these suggestions by the FDA, or they are completely unaware. These levels of mercury are caused by water pollution caused by humans. Therefore, if people did not pollute the water fish would be safe for

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