The Beliefs Of Being A College Student Essay

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There are several different situations today in where one’s religion or spiritual beliefs influence their daily lives. Being a college student, we encounter a variety of ways in which people’s beliefs are challenged and new living situations force new or changed beliefs/ways of living. More specifically, ones sexuality is often spoke about when talking about spiritual beliefs. Sexuality is also more often called into play during the transition from being in high school and heavily influenced by the presence of your parents and then going to college being influenced by new friends and your own personal beliefs.

When speaking about sexuality, more specifically about sexual activity, it is ones own decision when and if they become sexually active. One may be guided by that of their spiritual and religious beliefs, or they could be guided of the lack thereof. For example, someone who is born into a family who believe in abstinence and saving your virginity until marriage, is likely to follow what their family believes and stay a virgin until marriage, or they may choose to diverge from this path and become sexually active before marriage. If this person is taught that being true to their religion and God means that they will remain a virgin until marriage, they will likely not become sexually active until they are married. A specific example would be someone who goes to a bar and is asked by someone they meet there to go home with them. A person who believes they should…

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