Teotihuacan Empire Chapter 1 Summary

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the center for trade during the sixth century. Teotihuacan declined after a few centuries, believed to be caused by an invasion or internal conflicts. A new civilization came around in 900 and dominated Central Mexico- the Toltecs, a militaristic group. Riot broke out in the civilization after a ruler called Topiltzin encouraged the worship of a change in religions. This caused the decline of the Toltec civilization.
• Obsidian: the most valuable trade item in Teotihuacan; a green or black volcanic glass. It was used when Teotihuacan became the center of a trade network that extended into Central America. Obsidians were used to forge weapons.
• Quetzalcoatl: the “Feathered Serpent.” A fierce war god who demanded blood and human sacrifices was worshipped by the Toltecs before Topiltzin changed the Toltec religion.
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The Aztec empire grew weaker under his reign as he called for large numbers of tributes and sacrifices.

Chapter 16.4- The Inca Create a Mountain Empire
The Inca Build an Empire: The Inca kingdom was established in the Valley of Cuzco. Traditions and beliefs were developed to unify the empire during the Incan beginnings. One Incan ruler, Pachacuti, built Incan into an empire through diplomacy and military force. Inca showed tolerance to conquered nations- allowing them to keep their customs and rulers in exchange for loyalty.
• Pachacuti: a powerful Incan ruler who led Inca to build an Empire. Under his rule, Inca conquered Peru and other lands by 1500.
Incan Government Create Unity: Government presences were shown in the city structures and architecture: similar buildings throughout the empire and all roads leading to capital Cuzco. The Incan government controlled most economic and social life. The social and governing system was based on the ayllu. Public work projects included the Incan road system. Because the Incans never developed a writing system, record keeping was simply the quipu and oral

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