Essay on The Behavioral Theories Of Psychological Disorders

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Nikky Garcia In chapter 2, three different paradigms are discussed. These are the genetic, neuroscience, and cognitive behavioral paradigm. Each of these theories explains psychological disorders in a different way. Although they all have different theories about why these disorders occur they are all interrelated. The cognitive behavioral approach is one of the many approaches to explain abnormal behavior. One of the treatments for this type of therapy is cognitive restructuring.
The cognitive behavioral paradigm is a mixture of behavior therapy and cognitive science. Behaviorism says that a behavior is likely to be continued if it is reinforced. Some ways a behavior is reinforced is by getting attention, no longer doing a certain task, getting sensory feedback, or getting what you want or a favorable outcome. In order to treat an individual, you would first look at what happens when the individual is acting in an inappropriate manner. Let’s look at an example. A child throws a tantrum about getting a toy and at the checkout line you buy them a candy bar to shut them up. The behavioral part of this theory is going to see that the child misbehaved and was rewarded. Operant condition techniques would be used to treat this like a time-out. A time-out puts the child in a location where there is no reinforcement or reward for their behavior. This is a very common practice especially with parents. Another operant conditioning technique is rewarding the correct…

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