Essay on The Beginnings Of Rastafari Came

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The beginnings of Rastafari came to be, when Marcus Garvey’s teachings were tied to Ethiopia’s Emperor, with the help of several preachers. Many Jamaicans valued Marcus Garvey’s stances on various issues, so as certain events transpired, which were already spoken of in religious books, many took Garvey seriously. Not only did Rasta’s come to be based on what was in the bible that was displaying in real life (with an African man fighting against white supremacy protecting his people, becoming the emperor of Ethiopia), being a part of an oppressed group that is oppressed globally, many people had a need for spiritual guidance. With the spirit of resistance within the oppressed, stemming from a long history of counterattacks against white supremacy prior to the 1930’s in Jamaica, Rastafari developed and resisted. Rastafari became a movement in Jamaica and internationally with the help of reggae music, young people, people from different racial, and class backgrounds who could connect with the movement, the increase in women Rasta’s, and by having a political message centered on uplifting African people throughout the diaspora.
From a religious aspect, more than often the gospels are preached to the poor, and the disadvantaged. Not only do they represent the masses in number, since they are a group heavily oppressed in every aspect of society, they need hope the most. Those oppressed cling on to things to keep their sanity, and to stay alive. In this manner, Rastafari as a…

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