The Beginnings Of Inclusion Of The People 's Republic Of China

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Among every society within the world, there has been a common choice to not include certain groups within the school educations such as women and those who are disabled. Some societies choose to ignore these conflicts and continue educating the healthy men among their societies viewing this form of educating a greater strength for the societies. However, some societies have worked hard to change their education system to not only accommodate those who are healthy and fast, but those who may learn differently or need extra attention. A prime example of this hard work is the change attempt in school education within the Chinese culture that is seen within the article “The Beginnings of Inclusion in the People’s Republic of China.” Education in china didn’t make any effort to change until in 1978 when the idea to include children with disabilities not only in their own special schools but to also integrate them within the general classroom started. Though the idea was formed, worldly conflicts have made it difficult for China to focus on making this change; such as, during the Cultural Revolution during the 1966 to 1976. However, recently in the 20th century, people have recognized that those who are disable can learn as long as their environment is appropriate and accommodating, while also integrating the children with those who aren’t considered slow. For example, my mother was a teacher but she said sometimes children learn better from their peers. While the teacher teaches…

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