The Beauty Myth By Naomi Wolf Essay

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In this modern era, everybody needs to be looking great and appealing. As, Kimmel and Holler (2011) utilize the idea of Naomi Wolf to portray the “beauty myth” the stigma in which woman being caught by the high premium models of fashion markets. Kimmel and Holler (2011) use Naomi Wolf’s definition that the “beauty myth” is an inaccessible female excellence that uses the pictures of female magnificence as a political weapon against women. It depicts that “the ladies itself get caught in an interminable cycle of beautifying agents, magnificence helps, weight control plans, and activity devotion” (Kimmel and Holler 2011, 324).
However, Kimmel and Holler (2011) argue that fashion, media, and pornography impact ladies ' in diverse routes, for example, restorative, eating regimen, viciousness, and sex. Style and pornography impact women have to look themselves as a sexual article to enhance their beauty. Women learn self-objectification to succeed in the public eye. The way of life underscores the idea of women as sex objects and men as success objects. However, there are consequences of the beauty myth for women. Kimmel and Holler (2011) argue that women involve more in the cosmetic surgery market with a specific end goal to expand their excellence. Kimmel and Holler (2011) describe that women involve more in eating disorder to look skinny and learn the self-objectification rather than self-improvement. Kimmel and Holler (2011) assert that both men and women utilize the male…

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