The Beautiful Country Of Costa Rica Essay

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The beautiful country of Costa Rica is located in Central America, with San José as its capital and Spanish as the official language. It is well known to travelers for its great rainforests, jungles and awesome waves. Costa Rica has a motto of “Pura Vida,” a pure life, also known as the happiest country. Costa Rica borders the Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua and Panama, which maintains a tropical climate all year round. Costa Rica as a country contains 25% protected national parks and rainforests. Their country is loaded with tons of adventure activities consequently makes the country a main tourist destination for both individuals and families. Costa Rica currently five active volcanoes that are regularly a main tourist attraction. Based on their healthy lifestyle living, Costa Rica is labeled as the fourth best place to retire for the year of 2016. In the early 19th century Costa Rica first planted coffee, due to the amount of volcanoes their land is good for all types of farming. Coffee became their major natural resource, which became their first major export. They also grow many other natural resources like oranges, guavas, bananas, corn, squash, eggs and rice. Costa Rica’s agriculture makes up 6.2% of their gross domestic product, with industry at 21.3% and services at 72.5%. Their primary industries include textiles and clothing, medical equipment, microprocessors, plastic products, fertilizer and food processing. Costa Rica’s main export partners…

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