My Visit To Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic One of the Latin American countries I would like to visit is Dominican Republic. Whenever my family decides to take a trip to Latin American countries, I usually decide to stay home. The reason for this being one I’m afraid of planes and two someone needs to care of the house. At least that is what I told them. In reality I have always been afraid to leave the country because I get easily sick. I remember one time I went to Puerto Rico for about a week and I could not even leave the hotel room because I had contracted an illness. I always thought in those scenarios I would be a burden to my family to I choose to stay home. However Dominican Republic is absolutely one of the places I would like to visit. I remember friends going there and bringing back souvenirs. I remember seeing pictures of all the exotic animals, parrots, lizards. I was even terrified when I found out roaches actually fly there. By far one of the best things my friends brought back as Dominican Republic speciality, genepa also known as limoncillo as well as the greenest plantains I had ever …show more content…
The Republic is also quite rich in terms of culture. They were the first create the dancing style known as Merengue as well as dance Bachata. The food there is also very good. A typical dominican breakfast consist of Mangu, onions, fried eggs and salami, fried cheese and even avocado. There are many mountain ranges in Dominican Republic which consist of the Pico Duarte and the Loma Alto de la Bandera. In conclusion the Dominican Republic seems like a cool place to visit. However if I do decided to go, I will have to begin saving up now. I will even have to call my relatives more often just to be more up to date with Dominican culture. I know that someday I will go to the Dominican Republic and I know I will love it

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