What Is Fear In Lord Of The Flies

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let’s time travel back to when you were little. Many kids have fears such as monsters under the bed and fear of the dark. The same applies to the young English boys in The Lord of The Flies.They came to the island in a plane crash and are called together when a kid named Ralph blew the conch.This story by William Golding focuses on the different fears of the young boys. These fears soon became different forms of beasts.They came to the island in a plane crash and are called together when Ralph blew the conch.So the question remains what is the beast? The Beats is fear, war, and darkness in mans heart.
To begin, fear was a driving force for the beasts. For example, when Sam and Eric saw the pilot fall from the sky; they immediately thought it
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They wanted to have lots of rules and regulations. As time when on the need for civilization dwindled away and the need for survival and fun took over. However, As one of the kids came up and Said he saw a snakelike beastie in the trees. A kid named jack says “ there isn’t a bestie but if there was we would hunt it and kill it” (doc B).This proves how the kids changed from being proper English boys to slowly tilting towards savagery. As the kids started getting used to hunting and killing they started a chant “kill the beast cut his throat spill his blood”. This made simon think that “maybe their is a beast and maybe it’s us”(doc F). This is proven through how the kids changed throughout the book, and their character development that the beast could actually be the kids on the island: with the darkness and the need to survive overwhelming them and shaping them to act a certain way. This leads to when simon goes to actually check on the beast and look at it. According to document E, “He learns that the beast is human and was just an airman rotting and fly-blown”. As he brings the airman down they mistake his or the beast and pounce on him like a lion. Scratches and beat him like a drum. Until it hits them that it’s simon that they are doing this cruelty too and not some monster. This shows how much they have changed and how savage they have been acting. Altogether proving that fear and darkness can bring the beast out of the best of us.
All in all, what is the beast, is it fear? Is it war? Or is it the darkness in mans heart? Many events allude to it being all three. This is important as it can show you how the environment of person can determine how they act, and how they treat others. Without authority and enforcement around will people still act civilized? Is darkness taught or is it

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