The Beatles ' Influence On Young People Essay

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When discussing the effect of Beatlemania Lee Allen once said, “The Beatles had the most influence on young people than anyone in the world at the time. The Beatles defined the style, ideas, and the whole concept of the 1960s. The Beatles created a craze that had never been seen and will never be seen again” (What People Said About The Beatles).Lee was not the only person to feel this way, it is a common view that The Beatles lead to rock and roll taking over the world. The effect of The Beatles was new to music history and needed the perfect chemistry of people, perfect environment, and most importantly a perfect sound to fully accomplish “Beatlemania”.
How The Beatles grew from individuals was an important factor to the power they would have in the years to come. Before John became The Beatles legend, he would later become he was a part of a band called The Quarrymen. It was on July 6th, 1957 when John was introduced to Paul McCartney, John was blown away by Paul’s impressive guitar playing and asked him to join The Quarrymen(Beatles Timeline, History of The Beatles). After playing with the Quarrymen for a short time Paul recommended a close friend of his, George Harrison for the position of lead guitarist. George was only 14 at the time of the recommendation which lead to weeks of debate between the two men over his abilities (History Of The Beatles). On February 6, 1958, 19 days before his fifteenth birthday, George played “Raunchy” to become the newest member of the…

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