The Battle Of The War, And It Starts With The Achaean Essays

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Book 1 takes place during the events leading up to the Trojan War, and it starts with the Achaean (Greek) army during one of its many raids on the cities surrounding Troy. The army discovers two beautiful maidens, Chryseis and Briseis they then award the maidens to the commander and chief Agamemnon (AG) and Achaean’s greatest warrior Achilles (AC). Now Chryses Chryseis’s father shortly discovers his daughter is missing and demands AG return her at once, but AG says no. So Chryses prays for Apollo to send a plague down on the Achaean camp and he does. Now a week and a half go by and King AG still has not returned the daughter so AC behind AG’s back calls a council together to determine what is causing this plague one member of the council is a soothsayer who tells AC that Apollo’s anger against AG is the source of this plague. Next when AG finds out that everyone knows he is causing the plague he demands that if he must relinquish his prize then he must get AC prize. So when AC discover the demand he says no and withdraws his soldiers from the Trojan War and the sail for home. Now despite all this arguing AG gives up and sends Chryseis home, after that he sends his lackeys to go collect his prize and AC gives her to them. But then AC prays to his mom Thetis to make the Trojans win the war, she then takes this request to Zeus and because Zeus fears his wife Hera the Book ends with no real conclusion.

Book 2
Now Book 2 it picks up where Book 1 left off with Zeus…

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