Essay about The Battle Of The Civil War

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reflected concern over the abolition of slavery, which some perceived as potential competition for jobs and housing, as well as hostility towards the draft, since many conscripted farmers and laborers could not afford to pay for a replacement and were forced into military service.
Historians believe that of all the battles fought in the Civil war the most disturbing battle of the Civil War, was the battle of Gettysburg. This three-day fight where an astounding 51,000 soldiers were killed in total by both sides. Generals Lee’s objective in the battle of Gettysburg was to draw the Union army out in the open and manipulate them with better leadership skills. General Lee thought that since he was a better general a difference of a few thousand men wouldn’t affect the outcome.2
The Northern politicians wanted tariffs, and a large army. The Southern plantation owners wanted the opposite. The South was contentious against a government that they deemed was treating them unfairly. They concluded the Federal Government was overtaxing them, with tariffs and property taxes, making their livelihood more difficult. Although slavery was not deemed to be a reason for slavery, President Abraham Lincoln along with many other Northerners believed that slavery was not only completely perverse, but it was a great humiliation for America. We can see that with these differences a conflict would likely occur, but no one could have predicted that a war would begin.
The battle fought in…

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