The Battle Of The Civil War Essay

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In every war, there is a winner and there is a loser. The final result of the war is a mix of successes by one side and failures by the other side. The Civil War follows the same trend as the South failed to withstand the Northern attacks. The South never had to conquer Washington or win the war, in reality, they only had to not lose. If the South could last long enough for the North to get tired of fighting, they would win the war. The Civil War could be interpreted as a race against time, could the Confederacy hold off long enough. However, the South was not capable off against the Union forces. Despite most battles being close, the Union Army was still able to outnumber the Confederate Army. The Confederate Army lacked in numbers and committed errors on the battlefield, such as the scouting error leading up to Gettysburg. The increase of desertions worsened the odds for Confederate success. Morale in the South plummeted following losses at Gettysburg and Vicksburg. The sieges throughout the South. Ultimately, the South could not afford to keep fighting. When analyzing the Civil War, it is easy to see that the South lost the Civil War since they were unable to hold off against the Union Army militarily, conditions in the South were worsening, and the morale of the Confederacy was falling.
The first reason the South lost the Civil War was their inability to withstand the Union Army. The Confederate Army was outnumbered in every battle. It played a decisive role in the…

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