The Battle Of Saigon During The Vietnam War Essay examples

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The Battle of Saigon Fighting in and around Saigon was comparatively brief; however, the mere fact that the NVA and VC were able to mount an attack that far into South Vietnam took almost everyone by surprise. As a result, many important locations within the city limits came under attack and were briefly occupied by Communist forces. These locations included the newly-completed US embassy, the national radio station, and various headquarters for elements of the South Vietnamese military. The attack was initiated in the early morning hours of January 31st by a group of NVA Sappers. This group breached the US embassy perimeter wall but embassy guards stopped their progression by killing the officers. The remaining forces held out until they were either killed or captured by US reinforcements. The fate of the element which attacked the embassy was repeated by almost all the North Vietnamese forces that entered Saigon. The attack on Saigon proper was essentially over near daybreak. Regardless of how quickly the North Vietnamese were repelled, the Battle of Saigon embodied the after-effects of the Tet Offensive as a whole. The attack on Saigon was unsuccessful and produced astronomically high numbers of North Vietnamese casualties. The attack took the US-led forces by surprise in spite of the intelligence intercepted prior to the offensive; intelligence which, if heeded, would have placed US and South Vietnamese forces in the exact positions that would have completely…

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