Essay on The Battle Of Pearl Harbor

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The Attack on Pearl Harbor, also known as The Battle of Pearl Harbor occurred on
December 7, 1941. This was a preventative action taken by Japan in order to stop the United
States from interfering with the plans that the Empire of Japan had against the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United States as well. The following day, December 8, was when the
United States declared war. The events leading up to this war made major impacts on the lives of
Japanese Americans. Relocation as well as the incarceration of people with any trace of Japanese ancestry, also referred to as “Nikkei” by many Japanese American organizations in reference to second generation Japanese Americans and “Issei” for those of which were first generation
Japanese Americans, all along the Pacific coast was approved and authorized by President
Franklin D. Roosevelt. This is what was also known as Executive Order 9066. The Japanese
Internment did more than just move the Japanese into concentration camps. This act resulted in people leaving behind all of their belongings in places such as the Panama hotel in Seattle, being forced to leave their homes, having no other choice but to leave their jobs. Due to the inability for people to separate the wrongdoings of others from one’s race disguised and justified as
“military necessity,” Japanese Americans were severely affected in their every day lives for the rest of their lives by the retaliation of America and it is shown in how they were placed in…

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