The Battle Of Guilford And The American Revolutionary War Essay

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Old Battleground Greensboro NC My trip to Old Battleground Park was actually pretty interesting. I really enjoyed learning more about the park and seeing all of the monuments. It must of took a lot of time and hard work to make the park such a nice place. It is a great place to go for a walk and get some exercise, while you get to see such an historical site. Battle of Guilford Courthouse was a pivotal battle in the American Revolutionary War. The American Revolutionary War began in April of 1775. It was a war between America and the British. For the first three years of the war, most of the major battles took place in the northern colonies. In 1778 the French joined forces with the Americans. The British shifted their focus to a campaign in the South. The British was in hope they could gain support of American colonists still loyal to Great Britain. Their aim to focus on the south at first was successful. The British seized the key ports of Savannah, Georgia, in December 1778, and Charleston, South Carolina, in May 1780. They were basically destroying America 's military in the south. In the Fall of 1780 British began losing their dominance. In October, a Patriot militia defeated a Loyalist militia at the Battle of Kings Mountain. in late 1780 General George Washington appointed Major General Nathanael Greene to lead the Continental army in the South. General Greene decided to divide his troops in the Carolinas to force the larger British, to fight them on multiple…

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