The Basal Diameter And The Diameter At Breast Height Essay

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Problem and Plan
My purpose is to see if there is any relationship between the basal diameter (dbd) and the diameter at breast height (dbh) of the Waitutu Forest Sapling trees using information published by Landcare Research NZ and recorded from various measurements of alluvial and marine terraces in the Waitutu Forest between 2001-2008. I have chosen to study this as the relationship between different variables of these saplings is important for conservationists and scientists in their studies of our native forest. The Waitutu Forest houses a number of threatened species of animals and plants. It is important that this forest keeps regenerating to continue to keep these endemic species safe. The saplings are home to these animals and therefore their growth is vital. Proper research will help conservationists understand how these trees are growing. My response (dependent) variable is the diameter at breast height (dbh) and my explanatory (independent) variable is the basal diameter (dbd). I predict that this will be a positive association in that as the basal diameter increases so too will the dbh.
I did some research for context to try understand what these terms refer to and found that the basal diameter refers to the diameter of the saplings trunk, in cm, measured 10 cm from the ground. The diameter at breast height is the saplings diameter measured 1.35m above forest floor. A sapling itself is classified as any young tree that is taller than 1.35m.
Using NZgrapher I am…

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