The Ban On Tobacco Advertising Essay

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The ban on tobacco advertising in India is a complex issue. It sparkled a lot of controversy since the government of India announced on February 6, 2001 its intent to issue a bill banning tobacco ads (Ban, on Tobacco, 2010, 1). Aiming mainly at dissuading youngsters from consuming tobacco, the government wanted through this ban to gain enough powers to launch an anti-tobacco program (Ban on Tobacco, 2010, 1). While some people were in favor of this decision, other people were against it. This issue includes ethical aspects as well as political and commercial considerations. It raises concerns over the implementation of this decision broadly, fairly, and equitably.
1. Summarize the arguments in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising in India
The arguments in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising in India are as follows:
- This decision wasn’t the first of its kind; in fact, European countries had already implemented similar bans. Arguments against bans focused on human rights especially the freedom to choose and to decide. Counterarguments insisted that “a ban on tobacco advertising was not unconstitutional” (Ban on Tobacco, 2010, 1) and that it was the government’s right to “intervene in the overall interest of the citizens.” (Ban on Tobacco, 2010, 1). Add to that, that bans on ads wouldn’t necessarily mean that a certain product wouldn’t remain in the market (Ban on Tobacco, 2010, 1).
- Consumption of tobacco generates death. The number of causalities related to tobacco…

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