Essay The Ballet Dance Piece, Fragile, And My Monster

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Several UNR students and faculty choreographed the Fall Dance Festival on November 18, 2016. The festival featured eight distinctive dances that had their own unique theme. While many of these pieces were great, “Fragile” and “My Monster” had an additional emotional element that stood out. Both pieces being so uniquely different from one another were interesting to compare.
The ballet dance piece “Fragile” was more than true to its name the movements of the dancers were appeared to be as fragile as of that of a newborn deer. As they moved forward they displayed uncertainty both in their timid movements and facial expressions. The dancer 's open-wide eyes, raised eyebrows, and open mouth displayed a look of concentration on their face. As if they were trying their absolute best to keep a balance. The space on stage was well utilized by the dancers, the majority of the piece the dancers were spread out from one another and used a great portion of the stage to fit their narrative. The choreography had a smooth uniform flow that also incorporated some solo movements in the piece. Even though it was repetitive and uniform it was not always synchronized. They created many patterns throughout the performance and used trios and quintets. The deliberate unsteady pace and puzzled faces of the dancers expressed a deep concentration and confusion at the same time. The music was kept at a low tempo which let on for adagio movements of the piece to flow fluently. As the dancer, advanced…

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