Essay on The Ballad Of Frankie Silver

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The Ballads of Sharyn McCrumb published The Ballad of Frankie Silver in 1998; compared to another novel by Sharyn McCrumb The Ballad of Tom Dooley, a novel published in 2011. In both of these novels, two people were hung, two people showed their love for others, two people killed, and two lawyers appointed by the court. Although McCrumb wrote both novels, she based both on facts found in North Carolina’s History. Both have similar characters and are both written and researched novels.
Ballads usually are mostly about murders that have occurred, as some do in both of these ballads. Charlie Silver met his tragic death by his wife Frankie Silver who kills him with an ax (277). The Silvers were a young couple living on a mountain with a baby. The murder happened after Charlie came home drunk, yelling because the baby kept crying, and saying he is going to kill the baby. These details gives readers a view of what caused the murder. Frankie’s murdering her husband is not the cause of her hanging as much as what she did after she killed Charlie. The way Frankie cut her husband into pieces is the cause for the hanging. It’s not the way Frankie killed her husband that caused her to hang but the way she went about disposing of her husband’s body that caused the hanging (Griggs).
Although a man was hung as the result of a love affair in The Ballad of Tom Dooley, while the other was considered a murder over the love of a child. Tom Dooley met Laura on a mountaintop…

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