The Aztec Empire Essay

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The Aztec Empire, with its capital of Tenochtitlan and its population of approximately 200,000, was constructed on an island on the western side of Lake Tetzcoco. The people of the empire were, however, both diverse and widespread throughout the region, with a collection of more than 300 city-states and perhaps more than 30 provinces, in the valley of Mexica by the 14th century, many of whom came from a variety of sociocultural backgrounds. While most, if not all, Aztecs likely spoke the Nahuatl language, they were in fact an amalgamation of different peoples, both those from the far north of what is now Mexico as well as those native to the central valley. To this end, it can be said that the Aztec religion was also an amalgamation, drawing from the empire’s Toltec predecessors as well as a number of different regional religious traditions, such as that of the Maya. Given the breadth of the cultural and spiritual traditions to which the Aztec religion owes its roots, therefore, the scholarly literature suggests that it is hard to define the foundation of this set of values and ethics with absolute certainty. The origins of the Aztec religion are based on a set of myths linked to a pantheistic cadre of gods and goddesses, not unlike other pagan religious constructs, that were linked to astronomical events and, in turn, the seasons of the year. As the Aztec society became more complex over time and grounded in agrarian concerns, earlier versions of these gods transmuted…

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