The Aztecs Summary

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The Aztecs is a book in which it illustrates the history of the Aztecs and timeline of events in which lead to the fall of its once powerful empire. The book gives the basic background of the Aztecs culture, civilization, and the evolution of the empire while giving the history of the different emperors that reigned. As stated in this excerpt from the book, “The Aztecs rulers were not abject supplicants, fearing a punitive deity, but active agents performing an essential role in the change of seasons. The long pilgrimage had brought the kings from the floor of the valley, across the lake, and up through chasms to zone of ritual danger on the mountain top.”
The quote from the book gives a brief example of some of the king 's sacred duties
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People should take the time to explore this culture and time period in which modern civilization took most of their discoveries and methods to help get ideas to improve monuments and sculptures. Townsend goes deep inside the history of the Aztecs giving a clear view and understanding of the different events, religious symbols and culture. Townsend presented things like the surrender of Tenochtitlan, their calendar system, and the alliance of the Tlacopan, Tetzcoco, and Tlatelolco. I believe that the main thesis of this book was to provide history of the Aztecs which can give great insight on the culture as a whole. The book seems to be more of a reference instead of a story to just read. If a person had to do a report on the Aztecs this book would be a great reference just from all the info that was provided from Townsend’s. Townsend’s gives an enormous amount of facts about different periods, war battles, the expansion of the aztecs, and etc. An example of some facts were during the Ahuizotl’s …show more content…
There are many facts such as expansion of land, Aztecs going to war, religious beliefs and etc. This book is a great reference for anyone wants to learn about the Aztecs culture. Townsend stay on point with the information but in a sense it wasn’t for the best for people who was looking for a story. At first I thought the book was more of a story but once reading the book you’ll figure out that it’s a book of facts and information. It’s not a book I’ll personally read but the information giving in the book can be used for reports. Once you get in the book, the information just seems to just run on and on but it does give you a better insight of the Aztec culture. Townsend did a good job with providing facts and depicting how certain events, like the wars, was doing the time. Biff Cappuccino actually wrote a review on the book and he basically believe that the book was boring but had some nice parts to it. On the 5 squared website, it gave a review on the book also. Stated was that “Townsend provides a look at the Aztec civilization from its formation through the Spanish Conquest. This is the sort of book I would recommend only if you are interested in in-depth research of the Aztec civilization.” Overall the book is more of a text instead of a normal read. Gave facts that can help in research but seems like it was written to be informal than to

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