The Availability Of Healthy Foods Essay

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Countless families across the globe face many disadvantages and obstacles based on their access to healthy foods. The availability of healthy foods has an interrelationship directly relating to obesity. The availability of healthy foods is becoming a major concern for the future. As one-third of adults worldwide aged 20 and over are reported to be overweight, action must take place. There is currently a close relationship with income status and those who may face the challenge of obesity. Prices of healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods tend to be substantially higher than others due to their supply at certain locations. As healthy foods become more readily available, prices will begin to become more affordable. The possibilities and benefits from improving the current access to healthy foods are endless. Not only can it help the people of today, but have a bigger impact on those of the future. The availability of healthy foods plays an important role in the health of society, budget plans of low income families, and the improvement of the economy.
The availability of healthy foods is a major concern as population and obesity rates increase. “Lack of access to healthy foods and consequent poor diet leads to higher levels of obesity ”(Quick 4). Often non nutritional foods are more abundant and easier to access which can lead to lousy consumer decisions resulting in unacceptable health. There are no benefits from eating non nutritional foods, but there is a wealth of…

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