The Auditory System For The Sense Of Hearing Essay

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The auditory pathway is the sensory system for the sense of hearing. It is split into two subsystems: the peripheral auditory system (outer ear, middle ear and inner ear) and the central auditory system (the cochlear nucleus up to the primary auditory cortex). Such a process allows humans the information vital for survival (locating and identifying threats without visual stimulus) to cultural phenomena such as music. Like the visual system, our hearing system picks up multiple qualities in the signals it detects. But unlike the visual system it separates complex sounds into their own tones or frequencies so that we can follow different instruments or voices as we listen to music or to conversations. Briefly put, the auditory pathway is the initial sound travelling through the Ear (Outer, middle and inner) to the central auditory system in the brain. This essay will go through, in detail, this journey.

To truly understand the auditory system we first have to understand what a sound wave is; a vibration. The Oxford Dictionary definition of a sound wave is 'A wave of compression and rarefaction, by which sound is propagated in an elastic medium such as air. ' this compression and rarefaction is the vibration which emits different properties according to the characteristics of the vibrations. From these vibrations our brains can perceive a sound in 6 elements; pitch, duration, loudness, timbre, sonic texture and spatial location. Throughout the system parts will be linked to…

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